Air conditioning to keep 3D render farm cool

If you’re a household with one or few personal computers, there isn’t much risk to your computers overheating since the computer’s fan is enough to keep it cool. However, if you’re a company or organisation that has a render farm, you’re sure to have numerous computers work continuously and you may be at risk of your computers being exposed to high levels of heat which could cause your computers to age faster, reboot at random, or just perform poorly overall, and ultimately crash which could cause your company or organization to stop operating.

The best solution to this is to invest in a custom ducted air conditioning system This is especially true if you are dealing with computers at a large scale or perhaps have computers operating heavy computations, such as a render farm.

Computers these days are faster and stronger, but consequently produce more heat. Also, computers tend to be placed in corners or together with other machines which could cause “hot spots” that only increase the dangers produced by heat on your computers. And especially if you are a render farm, you may have all your computers in one room all packed tightly together. Additionally, there could be a lack of airflow which could cause dust to build up which could damage your hardware and there might also be some humidity in the room which could cause some corrosion or rust on your computers. As such, it’s important to keep the humidity at a stable level to prevent this from happening.

So if you’re a company or organisation worried about this, you don’t need to worry since there is a solution! You just need a portable air conditioning unit specially designed for your room.

Here’s how it works:

1. If you have your computers all together in one room like a server room or a render farm, you have to maintain the conditions of the environment continuously. If you’re relying on a centralized air conditioning system, you probably can’t adjust the settings and sometimes they shut down on the weekend. But with a portable air conditioning unit, they are independent from external factors.

2. Portable units often have an automatic restart function so if the power goes out, you don’t need to worry about manually restarting.

3. It’s not enough to keep the room cool, but it’s also important to expel the hot air. Some portable air conditioning units have a vent hose design to push the hot hair out to a ceiling opening or wall.

4. Air conditioning units also act as dehumidifiers and it can remove the moisture from the air which solves the problem of humidity.

5. You don’t even need to install anything. Just place it and rest easy.